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At HTA Finance we do more than just find you the right loan.

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At HTA Finance we do more than just find you the right loan. Over the last few years, the lending landscape has changed so immensely that keeping our clients abreast with everything finance has become our priority.

Gone are the days of simply applying for a loan and getting an approval with any bank or mortgage broker. These days you need a committed expert on your side who understands the market as it stands today and can balance the lender’s requirements with your situation. Taking a holistic approach to your lending needs is at the top of our list, with our Advisory and Wealth channels in mind.

First Home Buyers

Buying your first home is exciting, but it can also make for a nervous time. It is important you are with someone who has been through this before and understands your fears, doubts and concerns. Once you are educated on the requirements and processes, it becomes clear and easy to achieve.

Generally, you need 5% of the purchase price saved over a period of at least 3 months. But if this is not the case don’t worry.. we have options for those who don’t have this.

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Refinance & Re-negotiation

If you have had your home loan for over 2 years, it is highly likely you have been subject to what we call “Rate Creep”. This is where the lenders slowly increase your rate over time by not applying the full discount of the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia).

An example of this is where the RBA reduces interest rates by 0.25% and your lender reduces YOUR rate by only 0.18%! Over time this difference adds up and you end up further behind the market.

To fix this, we look to negotiate with your current lender to reduce your rate or failing this, refinance to a lender that likes you more

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Debt Consolidation

Juggling more than 1 loan repayment can be difficult and play havoc with your cash flow. Usually this is because you have payment dates all over the month and managing your income v payments becomes a nightmare. You may also have some debt with high interest rates (think credit cards) that could be rolled over into cheaper interest rates (think Home Loan rates).

It is important to remember to not extend the loan term beyond what is remaining so you don’t end up paying more interest than you should!

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Upgrading Your Home

So, you’ve been a first home buyer and now looking for a new home for the growing family? Understanding your options can help save you money and also create wealth. Just ask your parents if they wish they could’ve kept their first home and what it’s worth now.. you know what the answer will be!

At HTA we want you to win financially, so understanding all of your options when upgrading is crucial.

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Commercial and Development Finance

Buying the factory you operate out of, or simply investing in commercial property, we have a large range of lenders that can make this process simple and easy.

If you’re into property developing, whether it’s a residential townhouse development to a large commercial project, we are able to assist. We have a wide panel of lenders from mainstream lenders to private funders that understand your unique situation.

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HTA helped us in all areas of establishing the business…

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Land & Construction

A potentially horrible and stressful time made easy with our attention to detail and relationships with our lenders. From land settlements to progress draws, we look after the lot, leaving you stress free so you can focus on the more important things…like décor!

Investment Property Loans

Over 60% of Australia’s wealth is in property and it doesn’t seem to be slowing any time soon. In fact, quite the opposite. Getting the right investment property loan is not just about a great rate, but the loan structure itself, or whether you have “Principal and Interest” or “Interest Only repayments” based on your desired outcomes.

SMSF Loans

For the right person this can be a great way to help create wealth. We work in conjunction with our financial planning department to ensure this is right for you, and will help achieve your financial goals. Having both departments collaborate makes the process simple.

Asset & Equipment Finance

o Planes, Trains and Automobiles.. we can finance it all. (Well, maybe not Trains). Boats, Yellow goods, basically anything with a serial number and some without! Office fit outs as well. If your family or business (Or both) is expanding, our expertise can help ease the growing pains.

Short Term Business Funding

Business lives and dies by its cash-flow. So, our friends at the major lenders have shied away from this segment of lending over the last couple of years, and as such specialist lenders have emerged. Willing to lend between $10k and $10mil quickly and over a short to medium term, if you get stuck… we can help.

Invoice Finance

So, you’ve picked up a new account and you know it’s going to be lucrative. But wait.. they pay on 90 day terms! How to fund the stock, or tradies etc? Invoice funding, that’s how. Borrow against the invoice without the account ever knowing. It’s easy, flexible and cheaper than you think.

Loan Restructure

What’s more powerful and important than interest rates? The way you structure your loan! With this in mind, you can structure to repay your loan in quick time, or restructure to protect your assets.

Lo-Doc / Self Employed Loans

Running a business