HTA Finance

Keeping our clients abreast with everything finance.

What We Do

At HTA Finance we do more than just find you the right loan.

First Home Buyers

Buying your first home is exciting, but it can also make for a nervous time. We can help.


We can negotiate with your lender to reduce your rate, or refinance to a lender that likes you more.

Debt Consolidation

You may have debt with high interest rates that could be rolled over into cheaper interest rates.

Loan Restructure

Structure to repay your loan in quickly, or restructure to protect your assets. We can help.

Upgrade Your Home

We want you to win financially, and understanding your options when upgrading is crucial.

Land & Construction

From land settlements to progress draws, we look after the lot, leaving you stress free.

Investment Property

Getting the right investment property loan is not just about a great rate.

SMSF Loans

For the right person this can be a great way to help create wealth.

And so much more...

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HTA Advisory

Accounting & business advisory

With a full range of Accounting, tax and business advisory services customised to assist in the growth and development of your business. We work closely with you and develop plans to meet specific goals and objectives. We call it ‘outcomes by design’ and it means you make informed decisions that help you grow your business.

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HTA Wealth

Wealth creation done differently

We help our clients exceed their financial goals so that their risk is managed while creating a lasting legacy which has a greater impact on the lives of their family and their communities. Our vision is to educate and guide you to reduce risk and to improve your financial position and to achieve long term goals, financial well being and wealth creation.

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We now have more time to spend on developing our business opportunities instead of being bogged down by what is clearly not our forte.

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Why HTA Finance

Our unique 6-step process that ensures you achieve your optimal financial outcome.

Step 1 – Understanding YOU

We work hard to understand your unique situation, how you got to where you are, and what you are looking to achieve. Taking into consideration past experiences, both good and bad. What this means is you will now have someone who thoroughly understands your position, enabling us to work towards your financial success.

Step 2 - Setting clear and meaningful goals & developing a strategy

You set the goals; we work with you to achieve them. Nothing is as powerful as a goal with a deadline, and at HTA our claim to fame is getting our clients to meet and/or exceed their goals. At times we need to be flexible and make changes to the process, but the goals are firm and are there to be achieved.

Step 3 – Research and Negotiation

Researching the right lender and product is easy nowadays with the software we have access to. What makes HTA different is HOW we work with our lender partners.

What the lenders advertise and what they will offer comes down to our skill to negotiate on your behalf. Lenders have a reputation of “rate creep”, where over time your interest rate is slowly and incrementally increased to the point it is no longer competitive. At HTA we love negotiating on your behalf, and can even do this if the loan is staying at the current lender.

Step 4 – Education, Empowerment & Recommendation

Say goodbye to corporate jargon! At every stage we will ensure that you are educated on the process, and acquire the knowledge you need to make an empowered decision.

Step 5 – Implementation

Making life simple and reducing the time you spend on your financial transactions is critical in giving you an amazing overall experience. At the implementation stage, we handle all of the paperwork for you, and work with the lenders to ensure a timely and accurate outcome. This may also include referring you to different channels within our business to help achieve your optimal financial outcome.

Step 6 – Ongoing Reviews

Achieving your financial goals requires ongoing reviews. This includes a 6 and 12 month conversation where we track your progress against your expected outcome. At this time, we will reassess and make any adjustments that are necessary to ensure your goals are achieved.